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A U.S. watch brand established in New York in the year 1972, Pulsar has carved itself a prime place in the global watch industry. The first-ever Pulsar watch was marketed by the Hamilton Watch Company in the spring of 1972 for $2100, and since then, there has been no looking back for this star. The popularity of Pulsar watches has over the years increased considerably, and this led to the takeover of Pulsar by the U.S.-based Seiko Watch Corporation in the year 1979.

The swinging 70's were the years of making dreams come true. Almost every day brought with it new advances in the fields of science and technology, and the world of electronics was not left behind. Pulsar watches were born in such dynamic times and are truly representative of these advances. In fact, the world's first-ever electronic digital watch was manufactured by the Hamilton Watch Company in conjunction with Electro/Data, Inc. under the brand name Pulsar.

Pulsar watches are known not only for their innovative design and technology but also for their reliability and durability. Since its inception, Pulsar has maintained its quality, its drive for innovation, and its technological expertise. This dedication to providing only the best to its customers and that too at affordable prices keeps Pulsar at the top of the watch industry. Every time piece manufactured under this brand name makes a powerful style statement because of its unique and stylish design and cutting-edge technology.

Named after a star, Pulsar watches have always been a bit of a novelty-be it in the 1970s or today in the twenty-first century. Today, Pulsar produces some of the most popular, bold, and stylish time pieces available in the market. The dazzling range of watches manufactured under the brand name Pulsar includes watches for both men and women of all age groups. Hence, whether you want a simple watch or a fancy digital one, replica watches rolex women a gold-plated time piece or a watch with Swarovski crystals embedded in it, you replica watches will definitely find your dream watch in the Pulsar range of watches. Further, the trademark of Seiko, one of the world's leading watch makers, only adds more charm to Pulsar watches in the global market.

Some of the all-time favorite ranges of Pulsar watches are the Pulsar Chronograph, Diving, Kinetic, Gold Tone, Nightfall, Pocket, Strap, Titanium, and Wired. The brand's Sport and Dress watches are available with gold, leather, stainless-steel, and titanium watch bands. Further, some of the most popular Pulsar watches of all time are the Titanium White Dial Bracelet and the Black Bracelet Chronograph for men and the Stone Set Rose Gold-Plated Bracelet for women.

A true representation of the brand's tag line "Where Substance meets Style," Pulsar watches definitely add to the wearer's personality and up the glam quotient. A fine mix of the classic and the contemporary, these watches are a must have, and once you have experienced a Pulsar, you will definitely not settle for anything but a star!

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Newport News, Virginia is home to several asbestos exposure locations, which may have put employees at risk for lung cancer, mesothelioma and asbestosis. Among the asbestos exposure locations in Newport News are the Franklin Printing Company, Newport News Shipbuilders-Drydock, Newport News Shipyard and Riverside Hospital. These workers may have been exposed to asbestos which can lead to serious health problems.

A naturally occurring mineral, asbestos was widely used in the production of countless products including shingles, drywall, clothing, pipes, tiles and cement. Because of its insulating properties and heat resistance, asbestos was also used aboard many naval vessels. In fact, asbestos use peaked during World War I, World War II and the post-cold war era.

The Newport News Shipyard, as well as other shipyards, used great quantities of asbestos in the production of naval vessels. The mineral was used in boilers, hot water pipes, ceiling tiles and tanks, putting workers aboard the ships at risk for asbestos-related diseases. Because the Newport News Shipyard produced a countless number of vessels and used asbestos in numerous locations aboard these ships, many workers, including plumbers, pipefitters and electricians, could have been exposed to the harmful mineral.

The Newport News Shipyard built a variety of vessels including the following: USS Nimitz, USS Boxer, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS Essex, USS Midway, USS Ranger and the USS Coral Sea CVA 43, among others. The shipyard in Newport News also produced the SS United States, one of the largest passenger vessels in the world. Those working aboard these ships may have ingested or inhaled asbestos fibers. These fibers can stay in the replica rolex watches body and later cause asbestosis, mesothelioma or lung cancer.

Workers aboard naval vessels built by the Newport News Shipyard are not the only Virginia employees who could have a history of asbestos exposure. Because asbestos was used in a wide variety of products, a number of other employees could have been exposed. For example, the Franklin Printing Company and Riverside Hospital located in Newport News have also been cited as rolex replica asbestos exposure sites.

Virginia workers who were exposed to asbestos may not develop symptoms of asbestos-related illnesses for several decades. The latency period for asbestosis, which causes scarring of lung tissue, ranges from 10 to 40 years. Those who develop mesothelioma as a result of asbestos exposure may not experience symptoms for up to four decades.

Although the Newport News Shipyard and other Virginia asbestos locations have undergone extensive cleanup to remove the harmful mineral, many workers have already been exposed. Individuals who suspect they have a history of asbestos exposure should schedule an appointment with their physician to screen for asbestos-related illnesses.

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