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Rolex Watch History

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Sunbeam Appliances

The good news is, Sunbeam manufactures quality appliances that are an asset in the kitchen. The bad news is, they make so many, it may be hard to decide which ones to purchase! Sturdy Mixmasters, powerful food processors, superior toaster ovens, and deep fryers, even a hot water dispenser, they all reflect Sunbeam's commitment to dependable, well-designed kitchen appliances.

The Sunbeam Mixmaster stand mixer is a mighty machine that makes beating egg whites or kneading dough a cinch. Its powerful engine and three-way mixing action reaches every part of the work bowl for thorough mixing. The Sunbeam 10-Cup Food Processor has a 500-watt motor for effortless slicing, shredding, chopping and pureeing. It comes complete with an extra-large feeding tube big enough for large blocks of cheese or whole potatoes.

Burnt toast can wreck many a morning. The Sunbeam 6-Slice Toaster Oven prevents charring by letting you choose from light to dark toasting, and any level in between. (Plus it's large enough to fit that extra green-bean casserole on Thanksgiving.) The Sunbeam Classic Immersion Deep Fryer has Replica Panerai Luminor a special "cool zone" feature to prevent the oil from scorching and smelling up your kitchen. And the Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser conveniently holds 16 oz. of hot water for tea, hot chocolate, or instant coffee.

Sunbeam Shines Versatility on Your Kitchen

Sunbeam offers far too many products to mention here. Their appliances are well-designed, powerful, and truly useful. With so many quality machines, you can fulfill almost any kitchen need with a Sunbeam appliance.

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I have been using Rosetta Stone v.3 (language course) for a couple of weeks. It involves using a USB headset with microphone. Everything was fine until yesterday. In the morning it all worked; in the afternoon (no one had used the computer in the meantime) it didn't work. The volume that the microphone is now picking up is too low to function with the software. I've replaced the headset, still same problem. This morning updated sound driver to be sure that wasn't the issue. I've adjusted the volume control multiple times, including the microphone volume control.

When I go into the "Test Hardware" under the voice tab on the control panel set up for "Sounds and Audio" and run the hardware test, even with the volume cranked all the way up it's very hard to get the monitor to move at all unless speaking very loudly with the microphone right in my mouth. Not a problem I had before.

One other note about this: when I've run the "hardware test" with the old headset I notice that there is a humming, almost like a feedback of some type, and the monitor for the test goes up and down constantly. Not with the new microphone headset. Could the old headset have burned something out?

I've had the same confusion when I first got my USB Microphone.

When you first enter your volume control, the labeled "Microphone" control is not actually the microphone's input control.

Go to Options > Properties.

Make sure your "Mixer Device" sol republic headphones is the name of your microphone model.

Then under "Adjust Volume For", click on "Recording".

Make sure there's a check on all the options given under "Show the following volume controls".

For me, I have "Line" and "Microphone". Click "OK".

Now it should only display the ones you just checked off.

Make sure "Microphone" is selected.

The now labeled sol republic tracks hd "Microphone" is the actual input control for your USB Microphone.

Thanks for the reply. I followed your suggestion but "microphone" is already selected under "show the following volume controls". Any other suggestions?

Would it be worth the effort to try and replace the sound card? (I don't know if the sound card even comes into play with the microphone on a USB device). As I mentioned, all was working well until yesterday. Still hear sound, both on the headphones and computer speakers, it's just that the microphone volume is way, way too low to be functional.

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