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5. dubna 2013 v 9:26
There is lots of buzz in the galleries of News. They are cluttered with many happening and not-so happening activities. News comes in different activities, at different places and on various issues. State news like Punjab news in Hindi, Delhi News in Hindi holds importance for one reason or other. Issues other than states also become news but are generalized and not belonging to one single category. What we like among them as news is our own personal interest.

Most of us like news but there are certain others who do not feel the importance of news like rest of them. People who like news may have their own reason of liking news but others who have taken a dislike may not be as illogical as they may seem at first. has lately seems to highlight more of dirty politics and crime everywhere. This may be one of the strong reasons of the dislike we are talking about.

Image of Politics

News is primarily is about politics then everything else. Well its reason is evident. We must be aware of what the government is doing for the well being of its people. If it is not into the national welfare then it has no right breitling navitimer to be government. Delhi news in Hindi has influenced life of people of whole country when there are the times of Poll (General Elections).

Years have passed by and politics has seen breitling superocean drastic and notable changes as far as India is concerned. Earlier, when it was time just after our freedom fro British, Politicians were found among farmers resolving their problems. Helping people by going to them was reason of their popularity. Now, they are as inaccessible as God seems to be in time of difficulties. India News is full of their aura of indifference. Instances of that indifference can be seen anywhere, even in Punjab News in Hindi. Image of politics has gone through huge make over.

Things to do now

As Indian Citizens we must accept that we are given a responsibility of great honor that can be compared with the freedom struggle we fought to stand where we are. We are provided with the opportunity to change the face of Delhi News in Hindi and hence of the politics that it represents. We are much more than the accountability we hold. We just need to give India news more than politics to talk about. Story of news will look much interesting that way.

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