The immigrant connection with Senegalese street vendors from the Mouride and Tidjane brotherhoods in France

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archclcruz18655 wrote on May 17, '11

It is better to bring back the conventional design test (3rd day) for it certainly proves the capability to conceptualize, design and draft under time pressure. When I took the LEA last January 2004, luckily I finished my design on time, I have made it and I passed. Now I am working in the Middle east as an Architect and it has been a part of my job to feel the same pressure due to tight schedules but as a mind set, never compromise your design just because you want to finish and submitting it on time without reviewing it and just Breitling Watches for the sake of submission you will do it blindly and be proud of it. Never ever do that, take your time to conceptualize and when you're done, once you start to draw the first line, make sure that you will concentrate to reach the finish line without stopping at the middle and making a Replica Watches turn to restart because you have realized that what you have done was wrong. Time is the greatest factor to beat on the LEA's 3rd day. All the best to you future aspirants!

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